74% of global employees feel that they are missing out on important company information and news which leads to them not having a full understanding of the company’s strategy.

Here at Atiom, we introduce our advanced gamification technology to mitigate this issue within the corporate sphere.

Gamification is adding game mechanics into non-game environments, like a website, online community, learning management system or business’ intranet to increase engagement.

By using advanced gamification as a form of communication to spread news, it undoubtedly leads to improved productivity through enhanced skills and product knowledge via fun training modules which can be taken anytime and anywhere.

With Covid hitting many companies, many struggle to engage their employees due to lack of face to face interaction, causing a lack of motivation.

However, as the economy is recovering and many companies are picking up its pace, there is a need to not fall back into a slump. This is why many companies turn to advanced gamification for help during this process of recovery, mainly because it transcends space and time (you can access it anywhere anytime!) and it actually helps to engage and train employees!

Here’s 3 ways how gamification can boost productivity in a company.

1. High Engagement rates

When we deliver a message, we want our employees to be engaged and catch it, more so when it requires immediate attention. Here is where we put Atiom’s advanced gamification into play.

During the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, many companies had to change their strategy – from changing their methodology, incorporating changes into their work environment and even sharing news digitally instead of face-to-face meetings.

The sudden pandemic made it extremely difficult for news and information sharing instantly. However, with Atiom’s gamification technology, this is not a difficult task. We worked with companies such as Nan Fung Group to aid them with these issues, of which we received 100% completion rate on the Covid-19 courses! This means that every single employee were engaged with their company’s news!

Atiom’s advanced gamification ensures high engagement and completion rates. On average our users login to Atiom over 4.2 times per week. That’s 3 times more engagement than our competitors have.

As the economy is on its way to recovery, it is even more crucial to incorporate advanced gamification into every company's training and compliance system to sustain engagement of employees and ensure that everyone is having a positive work environment.

2. Daily Challenges

Companies can upload modules and courses that they require their employees to learn, such as a Welcome & On-boarding walkthrough while allowing their employees to earn points.

With the ability of constant reviewing through the quests employed by Atiom’s gamification, employees are able to boost their points via rewards and study streaks, and the more they study, the higher are the chances to get bonuses.

This results in employees being more motivated to learn about the company and companies can in turn share important information easily!

3. Leaderboards

Employees do want to get recognition by their supervisors. With the advanced gamification technology, it allows everyone to see who’s actually engaged in the modules. The more points the user accumulates, the higher they will be on the leaderboard. Every month the top Champions and teams will be highlighted in the app, giving learners a sense of accomplishment.

In Conclusion...

The Atiom gamification is proven to build a daily learning habit and makes the learning process enjoyable and increases employee engagement. When your employees are more engaged in what you do, it no doubts creates a more productive and conducive workplace!

ATIOM is a mobile based training solution that speeds up communication and real-time learning with your frontline teams. Request Your Demo Here.

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