Given how Covid-19 has forced us to work from home, it is only normal for companies to switch their traditional business model to one that is digital. With this in mind, it is crucial for them to employ a good remote learning tool that can help them increase the productivity and efficiency of the company.

We learnt through Covid that it is feasible to incorporate a remote learning tool. As we approach this journey of recovery from this catastrophe, a remote learning tool should continue to be engaged in the process, especially since we have seen the effectiveness of it during the work from home days.

So the question is, what makes a good mobile learning solution?

A good mobile learning solution is one that enables you to inform, engage and upskill employees in a way that’s:

1. Accessible.

Meet employees where they already are (smartphones), in a way they are used to accessing information in their 5-9 leisure time (via apps) for maximum impact.

2. To the point.

The average human attention span is now just 8 seconds. To hold employees’ attention, information should be delivered in short, concise bursts.

3. Helps with Compliance Strategies

A good mobile learning solution not only helps with learning and training but also with compliance strategies. This helps to define policies and procedures to ensure your employees know their work practices, while demonstrating a thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations, and also being aware of the company's larger human capital resources objectives. As such, having a remote learning tool that helps with compliance strategies is extremely essential as it creates an organised envrionment for staffs to learn since their objective is already made clear.

Remote learning tools are a game-changer in the current climate. One effective one is ATIOM. Once you have a remote learning tool in place to effectively propagate information, use it to:

1. Communicate your plan of action

Remote learning tools allow for companies to communicate their plans. ATIOM is the perfect fit for just that.

Training materials can be uploaded into the one-stop library that consolidates everything. This will be organized in modules which allows for employees to attend and take a test. The test ensures that your employees understand what they are learning and understanding, hence depicting whether information have been communicated effectively.

Be transparent, set clear expectations, make key dates and information known. Anticipate what people might ask, and include it. Some generic questions you might like to address in this lesson could be: • How do you plan to reopen safely?

• When are people expected to return to work?

• What does this return look like?

• Is it full-time or part-time?

• Will your approach be staggered?

• What is the new policy on working from home/remote work?

• If people are anxious, can they opt to continue working at home full-time, for a period?

2. Address any changes

The business model of companies will most likely change with the current climate. As everything shifts into the digital space, there will definitely be changes that employees should be aware of. Make known to employees exactly how COVID-19 has ‘rewired’ your company. Companies can employ ATIOM to create modules for their employees to address these key issues, such as:

• Have there been changes to workplace safety measures and requirements?

• Have worksites been reconfigured?

• Will the remote work experience be improved? E.g. Will there be subsidy given on purchasing working devices such as new laptops and monitors

• Will shifts be staggered for social distancing and How will it be done?

• Are there new initiatives or policies?

• Are there new softwares being used?

3. Upskill on new health and safety measures

Covid-19 has changed the way people navigate workspaces forever. Employees, especially front-liners, are understandably more anxious and will hope for you to care for their well-being. Quell these anxieties in the information you send out. Make sure to share handouts on all these information. By using Atiom, you can store all of your information in our one-stop library that will be accessible for your employees anytime anywhere.

The handouts and modules at the very least should address things like: • Is personal protective equipment (PPE) - e.g. masks - required?

• Where can PPE be acquired?

• Are social distancing measures in place?

• For office workers, what measures are being taken to sanitise the space?

• What are the employment benefits if we were to catch the virus?

• Will cleaning products be provided? How can they be accessed?

• What is the etiquette for interacting with customers or clients? Are there safety measures in place - if so, what are these?

• Will there be workforce location tracking or contact tracing occurring?

In Conclusion…

With Atiom being a remote learning tool, users are able to access all these information whenever they like. Clearly, this brings about greater convenience for all users, bringing in a more hassle-free working environment. With one less thing to worry about, employers can be better able to focus their energy on other aspects such as caring for their team’s mental well-being while improving their new business model.

ATIOM is a mobile based training solution that speeds up communication and real-time learning with your frontline teams. Request Your Demo Here.

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