Q: What is the most common way for companies to improve their employees’ ability?

HR: Training.

Q: What is the ultimate purpose of training?

HR: To improve their teams’ performance and promote behavior change.

Q: Do you think your current training program accomplishes that?

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Corporate training is a key element of HR strategy and an important measure that can promote employee loyalty and business growth. Especially for those companies in the transformation stage, training includes all the measures the company utilizes to give their teams a chance to further develop their skills and to cultivate innovative thinking. Read more on ATMANco.

Usually, leaders assess the success of their training on whether the learning atmosphere is warm and employees actively participate.

The reality is, many companies and employees complain that even though teams actively participate in training, it can be difficult to see any tangible benefits. Behavior change and new thinking at work takes time and most training is still a passive process. Ways in which teams can convert the effects of training into real business results and employee development is the bigger question. Only when training has a positive impact on the business, can it be considered successful. Read more on HRoot (Chinese).

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「ATIOM TAKE」: We have to treat corporate training as a continuous process. A lot of companies tend to provide employees with 2-3 days of intensive training as they think it is effective. However, a complete training should include a process of preparation, learning, knowledge digestion, and measuring business impact. A short period of training cannot guarantee the whole process is covered and it is not always possible for companies to provide long-term training courses. So how can we find a continuous, save-timing and effective method for companies to do corporate training?

Mobile Learning (M-Learning) can solve the above problem and has been considered the new top tool for employee training. The advantages of mobile learning are obvious. Firstly, employees can learn content anytime, anywhere on their mobile instead of staying in a classroom and listening to the teacher for half a day. Secondly, mobile learning does not require full-time study. It can help leaders avoid wasting time solving more significant challenges. Giving teams access to training in small chunks everyday also provides flexibility to employees.

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Learning on our mobile devices is a continuous process, and it is easy to stay motivated in the learning journey. Companies can encourage employees to achieve study streaks and provide employees with rewards based on their performance. In addition, mobile learning can also create a community for participants to join. Mobile learning is beneficial to help employees to be proactive towards training, which is helpful for them to actively apply what they learn into work.

ATIOM is a gamified SaaS E-learning platform and helps business improve employee engagement activities that make training and communications fun, effortless and measurable. Request Your Demo Here.

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