What keeps Managers up at night?

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What is the number 1 thing that keeps managers up at night?

Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors completed a survey (05/14/20) and Employee Engagement was the highest priority when it comes to recovery planning. Lee Nugent of Archetype said he “sees the best companies making regular checks on the wellbeing of remote workers.” The days of running an employee engagement survey once or twice a year are over. If you find out your frontline teams are disengaged through traditional ways, it is already too late.

In collaboration with Albin Warin 王乐心, the Happiness-Architect, we have been leveraging the habit of everyday learning to ask (frequently) employees questions like these below:

  1. How easy it is for you to find solutions when difficult challenges arise?
  2. How often do you get useful feedback on your work?
  3. How well do different teams collaborate to get things done?

Here are a few of our findings after launching the employee engagement health meter:

  • Employee engagement, like learning, is done better with frequency over volume
  • Regularly asking questions helps quantify employees well-being on good days, bad days and everything in between
  • Frontline staff are more likely to give honest feedback when the experience is opt-in

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