With Atiom, training will be easier than ever for your employees with the bite-sized content that’s easy to absorb! For managers creating the courses, there is a need to think about how to present the content, how to make it look aesthetic yet convey the lessons in an effective manner.

No fret if you’re wondering on how to create an effective yet aesthetically pleasing course to engage your employees. Here’s some tips for you!

1. Create 10 to 15 cards in a chapter

This is so that you don’t overload your employees with too much information such that it becomes difficult to understand or remember!

2. Insert a question card between every few questions

This is so that you ensure your employees remember what they’re learning and is actually benefiting from the course.

3. Include videos (preferably between 30 seconds to 2 minutes)

Videos are significantly more engaging than black and white words. With videos, your employees can listen and follow the graphics that are meant to convey the message!

4. A single study session lasting between 2 to 5 minutes is the best

Learning a little everyday is the key for memory retention!

5. Include entry tests if possible so as to show the growth of your employee after finishing the course,

Simple tests are really effective in helping your employees reiterate what they have learnt from the module.

6. If a presentation has too many slides, split them into several parts to create a better learning experience.

Nobody will have the patience to read a presentation slides that are extremely long!

7. Try to set a story of the course, that can attracts the learners to explore more in next course.

Learners tends to be attracted to story lines that are more compelling and engaging. With a story line like such.

8. Monthly plan for the courses, everything will be on track

As cliché as it sounds, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make sure you have a plan (and story line) for the courses so that you will be able to keep track and not be frantically all over the place!

9. Using a very attractive cover image

We all are attracted to aesthetically-pleasing things. Using an attractive cover image will no doubt attract learners into viewing the course!

10. Using some welcome words when learners enter a course

Wouldn’t it be sad to enter a restaurant without being welcomed? Similarly, using some welcome words when learners enter a course will definitely make the course more pleasant and professional.

Some examples includes: “Welcome to the course, in this course you will learn…” “Now let’s see how you do on your first quiz…” “Congratulations on your success of this course!”

Using words that connotes a positive meaning encourages everyone to continue learning too!

11. Create a certification upon completion of course

Having a certificate is like having an achievement. This certificate acknowledges learner’s hard work and serves as a form of encouragement to continue putting in the same effort in their work. Furthermore, learners can screenshot it and upload it online to share their achievement! This helps to share your brand awareness as well through the word of mouth!

These are some simple tips that may help you in creating a more effective and beautiful course. While it may sound like a hard work, the efforts are definitely worth it when you’re finished with the final product and get to watch your employees grow with your masterpiece.

Well, a more straightforward way is to engage Atiom and we’ll do it for you!

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